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Sep 23, 2006 10:23 PM

Teroldego in New York City

I just got back from the Alto Adige region in Italy where I discovered a really tasty grape called Teroldego. It's dark, rich, and fruity (berries, mostly), somewhat like Syrah, but more reserved.

Apparently, not much of it is shipped over here to the US, and I've never seen it any of my local wine stores.

Has anyone encountered a good Teroldego in a wine shop in NYC?

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  1. Mt. Carmel Wine, near Arthur Ave. in the Bronx, has one of the best Italian wine selections in the city. The Italian Wine Merchant and Centovini also have Italian lists but are somewhat more pricey.

    In fact...

    1. Foradori is widely available. Other producers also show up.

      1. Its not that hard to find Teroldego wines in new york .
        you can try by hitting the websites of the larger stores. and then going into some specialty stores. i'm sure Vino and Italian Wine merchants both have some.