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Sep 23, 2006 09:27 PM

Scarborough/Markham: what's good around Steeles and Victoria Park?

I am starting a new job soon up at Steeles and Vic. Park, and am looking for good, cheap, quick lunchtime eats as I am not at all familiar with the neighbourhood.

I won't have a long time for lunch, so a 5 minute driving radius is ideal.

Many thanks :)

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  1. If you can beat the lunch rush or go a little after 1:00-1:30 Metro square is a great place to pick up lunch (or eat there). Metro is on Ferrier which is one light west of Warden off Steeles. There is a food court an several restaurants there. Good luck!

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      I EMPHATICALLY second the food court at Metro Square. You will get a fast, made-to-order meal, likely with a small cup of soup plus drink for around the $5 neighborhood. There are I think 6 different outlets...taiwanese, a couple of Cantonese, one roast meat place, a steam table, and SE asian. Years ago there were a few posts here about the middle stall, likely still there, where you could get stewed brisket over crispy egg noodles. SOOOOOO good. Outside, there is a pho restaurant facing the parking lot. I consider it one the best I've ever been to.
      Olivia, you are a lucky girl!
      I recall liking the Buffet City on the north side of Steeles in the same complex as JTown. For some reason better than Starwalk down toward Kennedy.
      You can also give the food courts in the Pacific Mall/Market Village a try but I found the offerings salty in that msg-spiked way.

    2. There are two malls farther east on Steeles - Metro Square and the T&T plaza - that contain a number of good restaurants. I particularly like the pho place in the T&T plaza, and Keung's Delight.

      In Metro Square, there's an Asian Legend, but it's pretty slow. Great chinese buns at the bakery. Plus a food court of very fast options. The Chinese BBQ is great.

      On Denison, just east of Woodbine is Chauhan's which has a very good Indian lunch buffet.

      1. You can also drop in at J-Town just west of Victoria Park on Steeles (north side the plaza with the buffet) for some pretty good sushi, tempura items, lunch boxes, onigiri, baked goods or Japanese home style cooking.

        1. Thanks so much everyone! That's awesome. I'm pretty excited to check these places out. I really appreciate it :)

          I do love Cantonese, BBQ, buns, pho, and Japanese, so it looks like I'll be getting nice and plump for the upcoming holiday season <lol>.

          1. Just south of Steeles on Warden is Sam Woo. Awesome bbq pork from the restaurant near the grocery store (there's two Sam Woos -- that one and the seafood one closer to Warden -- both are excellent). Go with some friends and have a fabulous feast at lunch. Or grab a takeout menu and phone in your order if you want to bypass the wait.

            -- courgette (formerly known as gbsm)