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cozy dinner

Let me start by saying that I've searched "romantic restaurants" and best restaurants" in outer boroughs.

I want a romantic restaurant for dinner on sept. 26 in the Ft. Greene/Boerum Hill/Red Hook/Cobble Hill areas. I was going to book Saul, but it is closed for a private party. We've been to good fork, Applewood and al di la, and Applewood is a definite possibility, but I'd like to take my husband somewhere new.

oh, heck, it doesn't even have to be romantic. just have good food, great wine list and service and be cozy.

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  1. Garden Cafe (Prospect Heights)
    iCi (Ft Greene)
    Stone Park (Slope)
    Tempo (Slope)

    1. I like feel of Chez Oskar in Ft. Greene -- nice romantic room. I've read complaints here about their food and service but I've never had a bad meal there: they've all been delicious (I love a good steak frites), boozy, canoodly fun.

      1. strongly recommend Steve R's suggestions (except we've never been to Stone Park.), but I'd really push the Garden Café rec. There are 11 tables, service by the wife. Husband is in the kitchen. Food is superb, although the choice is limited (after all, there are only 11 tables and everything is fresh).

        Other suggestion is Convivium Osteria in very north Park Slope (Bergen & 5th).

        Then there is Trattoria l'Incontro and Piccola Venezia in Astoria, both a little large and noisy, but very celebratory with great food.

        1. Convivium is an excellent recommendation but I'd throw in Chestnut on Smith St.

          I wouldn't call Chestnut "cozy" or "romantic" per se -- actually the room is a bit austere -- but it is delicious, similar in quality to Al Di La, Applewood and Saul -- you'd have a nice night out.

          As an added bonus, on Tuesday and Wednesday (which includes the date you're going out) they have an AMAZING prix fixe deal: it's $25 for ANY appetizer, ANY entree (save 2 which cost an additional $5) and ANY dessert. That;s on top of their delicious homemade pickles and bread.

          I guess it comes down to whether you'd compromise a bit on "romantic" in order to slash the total on the bill. ;)


          1. CONVIVIUM is veryt romantic, with excellent food and a fine wine list.

            I would recommend CHESTNUT for their $25 Prix Fixe. Not at all romantic.. especially after eating a huge three course dinner.

            1. I agree w/Steve re Garden Cafe - VERY intimate. I'd also suggest Red Cafe on 5th Avenue. Just been recently and was very impressed - it's a bistro with both Fench and Italian influences. The wild salmon and the pecan chicken both were perfect. Very small and intimate.

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                Excellent suggestion. I stumbled upon this little charmer one evening and had forgotten about it.

              2. If you're in the mood for Mexican, Alma on Columbia St., has a roof deck with views of the Statue of Liberty. It was real mellow and the food is delicious.

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                    not all would agree with this, but i find Osteria Aliseo del Borgo (aka Aliseo) on Vanderbilt to be nice for a cozy, intimate weeknight meal. The wines and after dinner drinks are delicious and offbeat, the food is tasty and you can feel at leisure to stay for a long time. Quirky but charming decor.

                    Its not a full restaurant menu with hunks of grilled meat, etc. but they produce some delicious meals.

                  2. The wine cellar at Convivium gets my vote. You also might want to check out Locanda Vini e Oli in Clinton Hill, which is quite romantic--it's a former apothecary. In both cases the cuisine is as lusty as the ambience.
                    But I've not been to Locanda in over a year, so you should look for recent review to see whether it still gets high marks.

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                      I originally liked Vini e Oli very much but the last time we went the place was full and the noise level was so high that I zoned out and have never particularly wanted to go back. Quite a contrast to Aliseo with its intimate environment. Agree that Convivium is great and more geared to conversation.

                    2. Convivium is great. I'd also add 360 in Red Hook. It's one of my favorite small restaurants.

                      1. Try Palo Santo on Union Street. . .definitely cozy

                        1. In the same vain- good food, good wine list, cozy- in Brooklyn on Mondays. Specifically, this Monday (Columbus Day)- am I screwed? Help! Need to celebrate a special birthday...

                          1. Al Di La is open on Monday--great food and wine. If you eat in the bar (back room with separate entrance), it could fit the cozy descriptor as well. Some other places that I think are open on Monday and would be good choices are Stone Park Cafe and Cocotte.