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Sep 23, 2006 07:24 PM

Best Panang?

im craving this curry! looking for a place close to koreatown (thai town, silverlake, los feliz). im not too familiar with the restaurants in thai town and would love to explore that area. any suggestions for thai places with excellent panang?

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  1. i think the panang is excellent at saladong or saladong song in pasadena.

    1. I like the curries at Palms Thai. I try to go during offhours, because the restaurant gets incredibly loud.

      1. thanks for the suggestions! i have always avoided palms thai purely because of the "scene" and thai elvis.

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          I know, I know. When I go, I also like the barbequed pork. It comes with a fantastic dipping sauce.

        2. Beef panang curry at Yai should really be looked into. Excellent!