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Sep 23, 2006 07:20 PM

Emergency: Need to buy a round challah by tonight

The guy that was supposed to get it isnt coming. So, where do I get it... city or northbay....


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  1. You might be able to find a round challah at Noe Valley Bakery on 24th Street or at Whole Foods.

    Shana tova!


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    1. re: abbe

      I literally JUST returned from the Noe Valley Bakery after having purchased a round challah...I would definitely call and reserve one...just in case!
      L'shanah tovah

    2. I might have seen same @ Acme Bread - Ferry Bldg. Excellent stuff there.

      1. Acme had them yesterday in Berkeley. They called it a turban challah. They sell challah on Fridays and Saturdays.

        1. So I take it this is not a controlled substance we are talking about. It is some kind of bread?

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          1. re: NoeMan

            Yes. Its a holiday so there's gonna be a run on it. (Think turkey on T-day)

            1. Wow.,...what a responce....what a board....

              I got one...

              thanks all