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Sep 23, 2006 06:11 PM

Red Pearl Kitchen on Melrose??

Thinking of trying the new RPK on Melrose tonite, it looks like a fun place but is it different/superior to PF Changs etc?

Has anyone been to their other locations? Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. I thought it was created by the owners of Meson G, and not a chain.

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    1. re: chica

      Not yet, the owners (yep, the Meson G fellas) are looking to expand this nationwide.

      Still--I'm curious about their food...

    2. Both are true. Tim and Liza Goodell launched Red Pearl in Huntington Beach some years ago, the expanded to San Diego and now LA. The comments/scores in the current Zagat are pretty accurate IMHO.

      1. Went on Thursday night. Very friendly maitre'd, service was slow in the beginning but picked up quickly - perhaps too quickly, as suddenly all our food was at our table and we had to take over another one because we didn't have enough room at our two-top.

        I've never been to PF Chang's, but I thought Red Pearl Kitchen was a fun place to have dinner, and good, if not utterly stellar. It's a more stylized and fancier take on standard Asian dishes. We got the lettuce rolls with duck and banana - left to make the rolls ourselves, the waitress asked us if we wanted more lettuce before we even had to inquire, which was nice. Drunken noodles with beef (and black beans?) were spicily satisfying, and our favourite was the sweet-sour lychee pork, which was reminiscent of regular sweet-and-sour pork, but without the gloppy sauce and with lychees replacing the pineapple. For dessert, although the chocolate cake was recommended by both the maitre'd and the waitress, we ended up getting the banana cake which came with some amazing chai ice cream.

        It wasn't super-expensive (but nor is it super-cheap, and if you order several cocktails your bill might skyrocket), and would probably be a good place to come with a group of friends so that you can try more dishes, as everything is served family-style.

        1. Yawn.

          A Eurochow redux.

          How I long for the halcyon days of Aubergine ...

          1. Think P.F. Chang but with a better wine list (hold over from Meson G. days). Their cocktails are all priced at $11, so beware.