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Ca De Sol Tonight - Any Specific Recs?

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Going to Ca De Sol tonight for the first time for dinner with hubby and mom. What would you recommed?

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  1. They do a wonderful grilled (half, I think) chicken. It's got great flavor. I even had it at a big party there, and it was just as good. Also, the pumpkin or butternut squash pasta.

    1. Sue - here is there website. Never had a bad meal there, yet never one over the top. Expect solid, good, yet not spectacular food in very pleasant surroundings, be it patio or inside, weather being the dictating factor.

      Enjoy and report back!

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        Thanks guys. I'll report back tomorrow.

      2. If they have it, the squash ravioli.

        1. The cold octopus salad with olive oil and lemon is outstanding!