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Sep 23, 2006 05:49 PM

Fresh fruit & veg deliveries in Manhattan?

I've recently moved from London to Manhattan. In London there was an excellent service which, each week, assembled a box of in-season organic fruit and veg and delivered it for about $25. You never knew what you were going to get until it arrived, but you could exclude things you didn't like.

Is there a parallel here? I'd prefer something local (so would like to avoid "fedex"-style delivery) and cost is relevant. I'm aware of "CSAs" (community supported agriculture), but I've missed this season, and my read is that many don't deliver.

Many thanks! Also feel free to refer a more relevant forum... this is my first post, and geography seemed to be the most important factor.

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  1. Yup we have it -- it's called Urban Organics. Never used it myself, but check out their website and maybe a search on the board will be fruitful

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      I used Urban Organics all thru grad school. It's a great value, esp. if you cook - otherwise, you might not like it when you get a bunch of chard or kale. The recipes they include in the box are awesome.

    2. check fresh direct. The produce is surprisingly fresh and delicious~

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