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Sep 23, 2006 05:47 PM

Where can I get packaged, cooked chestnuts in Brooklyn?

My wife bought some a while ago but can't remember were. Didn't find them at the Red Hook Fairway or Whole Foods.


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  1. Try Sahadi. They have chestnuts in various guises.

    1. I have seen cooked chestnuts in Chinese supermarkets around the city. It's usually a small bag (6-8 oz) for around a dollar.

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      1. re: Robotron

        Yes, the chestnuts are usually small in size and the meat is a rather darker colored brown than you're used to seeing (on most). They are completely shelled, and great tasting. I was pleasantly surprised and I think you'll be too.

        1. re: Cheese Boy

          GREat, is there a specific chinese market you've seen them at?

          1. re: Jack_

            That I can't help you with because I buy them wherever I happen to be. I don't remember where I bought them last, but *most* Asian markets will have them.
            Try markets in Chinatown (Manhattan), or markets in Flushing (Queens). Also,
            check out the Brooklyn link I've included below.


      2. Saw them at Sahadis this weekend!

        1. They have asian vacuum-packed ones at the Met supermarket on smith street near the checkout.

          1. I saw frozen ones at Trader Joes...