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Sep 23, 2006 05:34 PM

Take Out For Kids Party- for Parents!

I am having my 3 year old 's bday at one of those kids gym places in Santa Monica. The party is from 4-6 on a Sunday evening and I want to serve food buffet style. Something that travels well, not too messy and most important, good!! I am open to price although don't want to go too high. This chowhound mom is not satisfied with the usual Albertson's or Costco party trays for even my kids parties. gag me!!! Any suggestions?

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  1. Arrange a tray or platter or assortment of hot dishes to pick up from Bay Cities Deli. I love their sandwiches, their bread is the best, and the meatballs from the hot section are great.

    Ordinarily I would recommend take-out from Tacos Por Favor, but the one awful experience I had there was on a Sunday -- they were just starting to open on Sundays, and it wasn't the usual staff.

    1. we did zankou with all the fixins for my nephews' b-day. the parents went crazy.

      1. oooohhh...both of those are good ideas, thank you!! I love zankou and I also love bay cities! Why didn't I think of those? Thanks Chowhounds!