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Sep 23, 2006 05:33 PM

More praise for Opus--it's such a deal!

After reading some of the rave reviews on the board about Opus, my husband and I checked it out on Thursday evening and were quite delighted. We ordered the three course tasting menu ($30) and the accompanying wines ($15), and ended up receiving 5 courses and 5 glasses of wine!

The service was excellent and the food was creative and tasty. One of my favorites was the kodai skewer served with white soy sauce for dipping--it was like a grown-up fish stick. I also enjoyed the confit of baby pig with crispy skin--the pork was fork-tender and the skin perfectly porky and salty. We had a really interesting new zealand sauvingon blanc served with the kodai course--can't remember the name, of course, but it was melony and grassy.

I would definitely recommend it, and you can read a bit more detail about our experience here if you're interested:

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  1. I too went to Opus this Thursday evening with a small group of people and we really had a great experience. We also received 5 courses instead of just 3 but I was the only person to order the wine pairings (I only received four wines but they were poured pretty heavy so I didn't mind; also, my friends received a complimentary pour of one of my wines.)

    I loved the kodai skewer and that white soy sauce dipping sauce! They served me a sake with that course.

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        Bon Vivant,
        your blog posting and photographs make me want to go right away!

    1. Eriny,I'm glad you enjoyed your meal! The tasting menus are such a bargain WITH excellent food. I think that having such an attentive, but not intrusive staff makes the experience even better. Also, having the chef come by the table is a special treat. It shows that he really cares about his customers.

      P.S. I like your blog!

      1. Sounds good! Is it open for lunch?

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        1. Good experience at Opus with a party of 12 this past weekend. 10 of us ordered the 3-course tasting menu. First up was the pumpkin poppers filled with pumpkim soup. I have a sweet tooth and would've liked a bit more sweetness, but it was interesting. Second was salmon roe on avocado mousse. Mousse was nice and light. Next came grilled mackeral. Tender and good. Then my favorite dish of the night, tempura koji with homemade soy sauce and yellowtail sashimi. The skin on the koji didn't even taste fried. Nice and delicate. Main course was confit of baby pig. It was good, but reminded me of similar fare you can get at a Chinese restaurant in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley). Dessert was shared chocolate cake (flourless) and tapioca brulee. It was interesting and good, but nothing I would get a la carte. We brought two wines and ordered one. We all had a good time and enjoyed the food. Service was excellent. I want to go back with a more intimate number of people. Much better than the old Opus.