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Sep 23, 2006 05:19 PM

St. Louis must eats?

Going to St. Louis for 2+ days - specifically, for two breakfasts, three lunches, and plenty of time for mid-afternoon or late-night snacks (ice cream, coffee, pastries, whatever). Other than Ted Drewes, I have nothing on my to-eat list. No interest in fancypants restaurants - I have plenty of that here in Boston. I'm staying downtown, will have a car but would prefer to stay in town as much as possible (since I do have to work while I'm there). I have no freedom on dinner, so places like Harvest are off limits.

Also, I have seen some older posts here bemoaning the lack of Q in St. Louis, except for one recommendation for Ropers on W Florissant. If any of that has changed, I'd love to hear about it, as there isn't a single barbecue place anywhere within 45 minutes of Boston that's worth a damn.

Thanks in advance for any recs.

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  1. Lately I've been going to 2 places I like a lot, on opposite ends of the city (one north one south). The one up north is Jadens, at 4251 Martin Luther King Drive. It's a small place with a cafeteria line, really good home cooking - at least I think it is. The other place I visit alot is a small Taqueria stand called "La Vallesanna" (sp?) on Cherokee Street at California. Really good tortas. I like to go to the not so fancy places, and both of these fall into that category. Both are about 10 minutes drive from downtown.

    I also like the White Knight, but it's really smokey.

    I like Ropers BBQ a lot too, but it's more of a carry out place.

    Other posters will tell you to go to Crown Candy Kitchen and get a milk shake and a BLT for lunch. That's always good.

    If you can play hookey from work for a while, I like to go to Milo's Boccee Garden on the hill (grab an Amigetti's "special" for lunch before you go to Milos, just across the street) then go to the Bocce court with some friends, have a beer and play a few rounds.

    Hard to compete with Boston, but hope you have a good time on your visit!

    1. Try the Crown Candy Kitchen- great malts and lunch stuff -

      Pho Grand (if you're into good soups and Vietnamese, plus it's cheap!) -

      and Hodak's Fried Chicken (walking distance from my old house) that has the best fried chick in St. Louis!

      I used to live in St. Louis and know lots of great places so feel free to pick my brains. :)

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        Porter's Fried Chicken is bettter. Hodak's is over-rated.

      2. I'm fond of the molasses puffs at Bissinger's. The original location off King's Highway is a nice visit.

        1. For some CH-worthy meals, I would suggest:

          Iron Barley on Virginia just north of Bates in south city. For lunch, get the peppered pork sandwich. For dinner, the zarzuela or schnitzel. Great soups. It's a short drive from downtown on I-55.

          The website says "now open" but they have been open for over three years.

          The Pitted Olive on Hampton between Holly Hills and Eichelberger in south city. Get the chicken and goat cheese sandwich. Great soups. It's the same part of town as Ted Drewes, so couple them in one trip.

          Speaking of Ted Drewes', get a concrete or sundae and not plain custard or you may be disappointed.

          1. Try O'Connell's Pub for a burger or roast beef sandwich and report back as to how it stacked up against your Boston pubs. Definitely not fancy pants.