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Sep 23, 2006 04:44 PM

Bill's Terrace Inn: heavy, juicy crabs

After failing to get into our usual crab place (Schultz's on Old Eastern Ave) we tried Mr bill's Terrace Inn in Essex. No wait to get in! I know there has been some recent concern about Mr Bill's on this board, but our crabs were very large for 46's, heavy sweet, steaming hot and freshly cooked. I think the spice mix has too muck salt and not enough pepper, but these were fine crabs.
The night before we had been blissed out by Chameleon's annual Maryland menu (which I may post about)-- so this has been a great Chesapeake weekend:
"Oh to be in Baltimore,
Now that fall is here..."

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  1. No wait to get in! What time did you get there?

    And please do post about the Maryland menu at Chameleon. What do you mean by 'annual?' Is it only one day a year?

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      We got to Schultz's at about 7:15, lookinjg at an hour and a half wait, got to Bill's (after calling) at 7:45 or so, and NO wait. Btw, onion rings were home made and good, tho french fries were crap. I'll try to post tomorrow about Chameleon. Every year they do a Maryland menu in August; this year they extended into September, so hurry!