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Sep 23, 2006 04:36 PM

Lacroix or Fountain for Anniversary dinner


My wife and I are going to enjoy an evening in Philly next week and we have a dilemna; we need to decide on a restaurant! Le Bec-Fin is out of our $$$ range so we skipped it.'s down to the above mentioned. Thoughts, suggestions???

Our criteria is wonderful food, beautiful ambience and incredible service.

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      1. Sorry for not elaborating, I thought more responses would roll in(which I'm sure they will) and you could do a tally. Both restaurants in question are very good and you won't go wrong either way. Fountain would be my choice simply because I enjoyed my overall experience there a bit better than at Lacroix. I was only at each restaurant one time and they were both within the last 14 months. From the talk on here and elsewhere, Chef Lacroix is now the "ambassador" instead of the executive there and I haven't been there since that change. I don't know if there is a difference at this point but that's my experience and my opinion on the matter. Enjoy whichever you pick and please report back.
        PS. Not sure if you feel like it, but when making reservations you may want to tell them it is your anniversary, may get preferential seating if you call early enough, although the place is beautiful all around.

        1. It may be tough to get a reservation at the Fountain mext week if it is a weekend night. BTW both of these restaurants can run into the big bucks for dinner too. That said, the fountain would be my choice. Not a close call.

          1. Thanks both of you. I have made reservations at the Fountain and we look forward to it. The reservation is for the weekday next week and I told them it was our anniversary. Any dishes to "not miss.?

            Thanks so much...Also, we are staying at the Sofitel. Should we have breakfast there (is it good) or maybe go to Lacroix? Any other recs?

            Thanks again!