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Sep 23, 2006 04:10 PM

First Friday Dinner at Enrico's Biscotti (Pittsbrugh)

I've heard that Saturday lunch at Enrico's is really great. I went to their site and found out that they also do dinner the first Friday fo every month. Has anyone been? Was it great? Was it worthwhile? What did you eat?

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  1. Really? No one's eaten at Enrico's?

    1. I have - weekday lunch a while ago. Beans and greens were very good(and I'm a beans and greens snob), pizza was excellent. There were other interesting menu items but I don't do lunch often and if I'm in the strip on Saturday it's for shopping. Maybe someone else can pipe in........

      1. It looks like I'll be going to the December edition. I'll report back.

        1. Enrico Biscotti and Enrico's Ristorante are two different places, one in the strip and one in Shadyside. It might cause some confusion if the distinction is not made clear.

          1. I claimed I was going in December, but could not get a reservation. However, I AM dining tomorrow night for certain. I don't know what their making, but, being that it's winter, I figure I'll go pick up an red from Tuscany or Piedmonte to bring along. As promised, I'll report back.