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Sep 23, 2006 03:39 PM

Cuisinart Food Processor -7 cup model. True that it leaks?


I was reading some reviews on the 7-cup cuisinart food processor and some customers complained of leaks. I was just wondering if any others here have had that experience and if it was serious?

Please advise.


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  1. I find it can leak if I mix hot liquid in it ... so now I use my blender, which actually gets me better results anyway.

    1. This is a problem with most food processors because the central shaft of the bowl is open at the top. If you fill the bowl with something runny and it is higher than that shaft, you will have leakage. This means you have to keep the liquid level below about 2.5".

      I don't find this to be a significant restriction. If I'm mixing a large batch of thin soup, I'll do it in batches. But most of the time the stuff I'm processing is either too solid or too thick to leak out even if I fill the bowl fairly full.

      1. Mine does, where the top attaches to the bowl. It's very inconvenient - liquid sprays out, dry stuff flies out. I deal with it by wrapping a dishcloth around the top every time I use it. On the other hand, my son's doesn't - although now that I think of it, I've never actually asked him, so maybe it does!

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          I've never experienced this. The top attaches tightly to the bowl, there's just no room for anything to come out. Is your top loose?

          1. re: cheryl_h

            Nope, the top's on the right way, for sure - it's just a bad fit. I guess I could contact Cuisinart and try to get a replacement top, I've just never bothered. But I do curse every time I use it. And it's never happened on any of the other Cuisinarts I've had through the years.

        2. I had one and the only reason it leaked around the top is because the bowl was too small for the amount of liquid that I was processing. It sort of oozes from around where the top meets the bottom part of the bowl. Also, if too much liquid is in the bowl, it may force a bit of liquid up into the blade and down the little middle cylinder.
          Get a larger model and you'll find that you use it more and don't have the same problems. It was a pain to always have to process in batches. You can find the 14 cup for about $150 if you look around.

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            Thanks for the post but there is definitely a difference between having too much liquid for the bowl capacity, which I've certainly done before, and what happens each and every time I use the machine, regardless of the amount I'm trying to process. And except for the spewing problem, I like the 7-cup size, it's appropriate to my use of it (I don't use it for doughs, huge amounts of slicing, etc. - and ever since I got a stick blender, I don't even use the cuis. for soups). Even flour or ground nuts will fly out of it where the top locks on to the bowl, hence wrapping it with a dishcloth (and swearing).