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Sep 23, 2006 03:35 PM

Best Tapas in the City, any ideas?

My husband and I have a ftiend coming in from out of town. We were thinking of doing a tapas night but need an excellent rec.

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  1. Do you want true Spanish tapas or just small plates?

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    1. Solera is really good. The tapas bar up front is pretty small so not good for a large group, but they will serve tapas in the main diningroom as well.

      It's a little old school and can be quiet there at times, so not your typical festive tapas atmosphere, but the food is good.

      1. i love Tia pol for tapas but it is a small place and there is often a wait. You could try Boqueria or perhaps Casa Mono/Bar Jamon

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          Casa Mono is my favorite - heading there for lunch right now.

        2. I really liked Bar Carrera when I went recently. It's a very lively, cozy scene (very narrow and small dining room) but the food is great even without a kitchen. Great sangrias and many of the menu items are inspired/designed by Wylie Dufresne (owner/chef of WD-50).

          1. A favorite place of mine is ALTA (w.10th St/6th Ave.). It is certainly not traditional spanish tapas, but very creative and delicious small plates in a beautiful setting.