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Best Tapas in the City, any ideas?

My husband and I have a ftiend coming in from out of town. We were thinking of doing a tapas night but need an excellent rec.

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  1. Do you want true Spanish tapas or just small plates?

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    1. Solera is really good. The tapas bar up front is pretty small so not good for a large group, but they will serve tapas in the main diningroom as well.

      It's a little old school and can be quiet there at times, so not your typical festive tapas atmosphere, but the food is good.

      1. i love Tia pol for tapas but it is a small place and there is often a wait. You could try Boqueria or perhaps Casa Mono/Bar Jamon

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          Casa Mono is my favorite - heading there for lunch right now.

        2. I really liked Bar Carrera when I went recently. It's a very lively, cozy scene (very narrow and small dining room) but the food is great even without a kitchen. Great sangrias and many of the menu items are inspired/designed by Wylie Dufresne (owner/chef of WD-50).


          1. A favorite place of mine is ALTA (w.10th St/6th Ave.). It is certainly not traditional spanish tapas, but very creative and delicious small plates in a beautiful setting.

            1. LAS RAMBLAS lately is my call for best tapas.

              1. Sol y Sombre On Amsterdam & 82 ?
                El Cid on 15th between 8h & 9th
                Tia Pol on 19th & 21st/22nd
                Boqueria on 19th between off 5th
                Oliva on Houson and Allen
                Pinxto on Spring & Grennwich (This has basque specialities)

                On the other hand Turkish,Greek tapas know as mezes are also abound in New York.

                1. Tia Pol is amazing - we have never been dissapointed by the food, especially the amazing daily specials they have like whole grilled garlic trout or oyster mushroom carpaccio. The white sangria is also fantastic. But be prepared for a massively long wait for a table or even a spot at the bar - go right when they open and you have the best chance.

                  1. wow, cant believe the response for tia pol. im surprised. anyone that has been to spain will tell you, there is still no good tapas place here in nyc, and the 2 times i tried tia pol i was disappointed. small selection. very limited wine offerings, i had to repeat 3 of the same tapas so i wouldnt have to order a pizza after!! bar carrera, boqueria and a less traditional casa mono are the winners so far....for more formal, azafran is cool too.

                    1. I personally prefer Bar Jamon to Casa Mono, its smaller, more of a wine bar than restaurant, everything is very simple and fresh. I like the darker atmosphere and its a much more romantic, but I wouldn't go to there to have a big meal, just a a great bottle of wine and some little plates.

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                        I've never been to Spain, but my sense is that Bar Jamon offers more in the way of being a typical tapas bar, than Casa Mono - which offers somewhat more substantial small plates than tapas typically are, and those dishes often have a bit of "twist" on typical tapas.

                      2. I recently ate at Pipa and loved the tapas selection at the restaurant. I feel that they serve some of the best sangria in NYC. The staff is also extremely friendly. Our waiter had only been there for two days and we loved every dish he recommended.

                        1. Try the Indian restaurant Tabla, I had good luck there.

                          1. Here's an old thread on this topic. In general the delights of tapas are diminished in NYC due to the highly inflated cost of drinks. If money is no object then I love Tia Pol. Less fancy tapas dishes are reliably enjoyed at the far less trendy Cafe Riazor on W 16th. There's also a nice place worth checking out in Williamsburgh, Zipi Zape.

                            1. Definately check out Alta if you haven't been. It has some great flavors and it's in such a fun neighborhood.

                              1. dinner last night at las ramblas....nice...chanquetes (fried mini fish) pear sanfria and chipirones (calamari) were a hit.... spanish staff and music a plus!