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Sep 23, 2006 03:02 PM

Cafe Meze in Hartsdale?

Has anyone been to Cafe Meze recently? How is it? I heard good things several years ago but haven't been there.

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  1. its still good, try lia's in hartsdale down near the hartsdale train station..good italian

    1. I think that Mark is one of the most under-rated chefs. I have always loved his food

      1. ate there for the first time after a tennis match in august. Coincidentally, my opponent was 3 tables away. He came over and made some great suggestions (home made ravioli was one of them).

        It was delicious...I think it gets short shrift occassionally from people that hang out here. Go and decide for yourself.

        1. Cafe Meze is always a great choice - nothing to look at on the outside, but the food and service are both superb. Went to Lia's two weeks ago and it was quite bad - service was terrible and the veal was tough. If you're looking for good Italian, try Lusardi's in Larchmont - excellent.

          1. Journal News today says that the chef of Cafe Meze is leaving March 10 to go to a new restaurant (Morgans Fish House) to open in Rye (where RK used to be).