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Sep 23, 2006 02:33 PM

help me eat well - 1 night in milan, 1 day in venice, 1 week in como

I have been searching the boards, and have notes on some places, but not many reccs for como. I don't want SUPER fancy, I just want super good - not too touristy. Off the beaten path is excellent....especially Como area. I can't find many reccomendations for that neck of the woods.

Oh and while you're at it, is there a Tazza D'Oro (best cappucino place in rome) equivalent in any of these places?


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  1. Can't help too much with Como, but while you're in Venice, you should check out La Caravelle in the Hotel Saturnia (San Marco sestiere) and the Antico Pignolo (San Marco as well). I lived in Padua (right outside Venice) for a year and we spent almost every other weekend in Venice. These are my two favorite restaurants in the city. Although they are pricey, the service is excellent and the food amazing. Just remember to go with whatever seafood special they have, as you are in a port city and the fish & seafood is sublime. Have a great trip!

    1. In the Como area, I had a fantastic dinner at Al Veluu. It's on the Switzerland side of the lake in Tremezzo, not far from Menaggio. If you're staying in Bellagio or Varenna, you should be very attentive to time, because the ferries don't run very late. On the plus side, though, they tend to have dinner earlier in the Como area than the rest of Italy.

      At Al Veluu, the lake fish was incredible, as was the tiramisu. The restaurant is very romantic and overlooks the lake (it's up the hill a bit). We had a wonderful meal all around there.

      1. Thanks for the tips! We're actually staying in the City/Town/Village of Como, which is the Southern part of the lake. If we manage to get to get north, we'll check out Al Veluu. Tips on Como food seem to be hard to come by.

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          oh, since ur staying on the city side, go to this place. i am sorry i dont have the name. there's a fountian in front, and you have to go upstairs to get to the main entrance. there are some seats in front. i know i stayed at the park hotel, and its just a walk away from it toward the lake. its i believe the first restaurant you come to when walking toward the lake from the hotel. they have the most amazing pizzas ever! 5-pages of just pizzas on the menu!!!! please check it out!! lemme know!!

        2. Going to Como in July so would appreciate what you find and where you stay. Trying to plan our food adventure there. Thanks