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Sep 23, 2006 12:51 PM

Fried Chicken

OK-I've been to Charles' in Harlem, Dirty Bird when it first opened, Jacque'Imo's, but still prefer Popeye's and (God help me) KFC original when they're fresh. Please tell me what I'm missing.

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  1. Taste buds? (joke). I dont know how you can prefer Popeye's (which is my quick fix fried chicken as well) to Charles'??!

    At any rate, go back to Charles' for lunch, take a deep breath, wait for the chicken to come out of the kitchen and get a piece. Eat slowly. Go to Popeye's. Do the same. Now think: how much chicken (not breading) did I just eat and how meaty/tasty was it? How much real taste was in the whole piece. How much grease? Charles' is better. Feel better now?

    1. Some wonderful hound mentioned a while back Korean-style fried chicken at a place called Baden Baden in K-town. Then this past week, it was reviewed by the $25 and under section of the NYT. It's rotisserie chicken that is then deepfried. Sounds like a winner.

      And if you haven't tried the chicken at M&G Diner up near the Apollo, it definitely should be tried. I don't consider it among the best, but many do.

      1. I've been looking for the best fried chicken too and seem to come up short everytime. I like Popeyes for cheap and fast, but it's just not as good as good can be.

        A friend suggested Cornerstone Grill in tribeca. I haven't been there yet because I'm suspicious that they use skinless chicks. And then, I'm also looking to try Pollo Campero, a Guatemalan fried chicken place out in Queens.

        I would also like to have amazing fried chicken with nice cold beer, but can't find the superlative place for both.


        1. My boyfriend (who LOVES fried chicken!) turned me on to some of the best
          friend chicken I've ever had. I have been to Dirty Bird, KFC and every other place
          below 96th street, and none comes close to this place.

          I don't know the name....or if it even has one, but it's on the South East corner of
          8th Avenue and 39th street. The chicken is fresh, hot, crispy on the outside and
          moist and juicy on the inside. I wish I lived closer.

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          1. re: Buttercream

            the place is called something along the lines of NYC BBQ or NYC Chicken and maybe it was good once, I tried it 2 weeks ago and it was a greasy nasty mess

          2. Last year I got some friends together and did a NYC chicken blind taste test with:

            1) KFC
            2) Popeyes
            3) Miss Mamies Spoonbread
            4) Amy Ruth's
            5) Sylvias

            ...there was some dissent - I picked Miss Mamie's - but the winner hands down was KFC. I don't think anything's wrong with gutterGourmet's taste buds - they know a thing or two about flavorizing chicken.

            Check the pictures we did it up proper with anonymous labeled trays and score cards.