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Sep 23, 2006 08:33 AM

The BEST cheesecake you ever had anywhere: where and when

any style or flavor. bakery or restaurant or mail order. regular american style or italian or any other!!

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  1. I've had chocolate marbled cheesecake from Agata & Valentina, packaged Betty Crocker NY style etc, Cheesecake Factory NY style, some fluffy light almost moussy in Manila, Philippines, but I still like Junior's AND would you believe Jack-in-the-Box the best?

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    1. re: Dominus

      My favorite style has to be New York plain - Junior's is my favorite and I've sampled widely, too. I remember having a slice with one of their super-thick milkshakes, the morning before I left for college...breakfast of champions. We got some weird looks.

      1. re: theannerska

        Gotta say, I've had both and I like the Baby Watson cheesecake from D'Aiuto's better than Junior's. I've got one in my freezer right now :-D

      2. re: Dominus

        We used to get the Jack-in-the-box cheesecakes and carrot cakes when I was a kid! Those were the days...

      3. The very best is a tie between my husband and his brother. It is the same recipe from the 1978 General Electric food processor cookbook. Second best my Mother's frozen lemon cheesecake.

        1. Granted, I haven't tried that many cheesecakes - it's not exactly an everyday food - but so far, the best has been President's Choice marbled cheesecake. It's even good still frozen.

          1. Easy! Mine. It's a rich cream cheese and sour cream cake with just a hint of lemon. The recipe is from a one-volume-a-week grocery store cooking encyclopedia my m-i-l got back in the 60s.

            It was one of the first things I baked after she died and I started cooking for my husband's family. I was thoroughly intimidated by it but found out it was incredibly easy and an awful lot of flavor and drama payoff for the effort.

            My second choice would have to be the pumpkin flavor one we have at Thanksgiving instead of pie. That's from a recipe from a once highly popular bakery in Orlando that's been gone since the early 90s.

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            1. re: rainey

              Rainey - mine too!!

              The crust is a blend of graham crackers, ground roasted pecans, and butter.

              Batter: (And the other usuals like eggs.)
              1:1 maple syrup & sugar to sweeten.
              Cream cheese filling with just a touch of sour cream.
              Extra vanilla extract - the kind I use has bits of bean in it.
              Occasionally some grated lemon rind in the batter.

              I use a water bath.

            2. I once had a tiramisu cheesecake at a restaurant in Dallas. They've since taken it off the menu, but it was, as the name suggests, a hybrid. Very light, creamy, and with a rich espresso finish.

              As far as 100 cheesecake goes, I'll have to come back to that!


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              1. re: TexasToast

                In case there's interest, although Cheesecake Factory isn't the best, they do make a tiramisu cheesecake that's not bad at all. They also make lemon raspberry hybrid cheesecake that has a yellow cake on the bottom that is also decent.