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Sep 23, 2006 04:42 AM

An Excellent Dinner in QC that is not at Panache, Initiale, or LR?

Hi Chowhounds! I've done my homework and have read Quebec City posts for the last week. I keep coming up with the same places for a great dinner - Panache, Initiale, and LR. While I have no doubt that these are fine places, is there a place to get an excellent dinner for about $100 for two people (not including wine)? We are open to any type of food and will be staying at the Auberge St. Antoine.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Although Café du Clocher Penché does serve very very good food, it is certainly not the best food you can find in Quebec City. Close to your hotel, I recommend Toast!, a gorgeous little place. You could also try Yuzu, a japanese fusion restaurant. Very good and different. On the pricier side, but worth it, L'Utopie is a great food destination!

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        Forgot about Utopie, you are right but ptobably not in the price range if you get a bottle of wine. Toast is also very nice, the food is great (although always very salty) and the service is good. As for Yuzu, I've only had it once and it was great but if you really want good sushi and other asian foods, I prefer Kimono on Cartier street. The beef tataki is to die for...