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Sep 23, 2006 04:23 AM

Nice lunch place in Kirkwood, MO

I'm going to be taking two ladies in their seventies for a drive to Kirkwood where one of them lived about 50 years ago. We'd like to have lunch while we're there and I'd appreciate any suggestions for a nice, COMFORTABLE, lunch place. Thanks!

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  1. Spencers has been serving lunches for a long time - maybe even 50 years. It will be a trip down memory lane for your guests. It is a "luncheonette"; so it may not fit your definition of comfortable.

    1. Spencers is a great idea! I'd forgotten about them. My "comfortable" mention was more in thinking that my guests wouldn't find it comfortable to sit on barstools, at a bar, that sort of thing. But for a long ago resident this just might be the place. Thanks!

      1. I think lunch at Spencer's is pretty pedestrian. A much better breakfast joint. And the booths are cramped. But it could be trip down memory lane.

        1. My top two choices for great Kirkwood lunch spots would be Cafe Provencale and Blue Water Grill.

          1. Spencer's will not impress, even it's a throwback to another time. I'm faithful for breakfast there, but the food has gone downhill since the old guy left.

            If it were my Gramma, I'd pick Amici's in downtown Kirkwood, esp at lunch when the light's nice. And it has the advantage that once lunch is over, you can amble into a few shops, too. Blue Water/Cafe Provencal would be fine too but don't offer the same wandering possibilities.