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Parcel 104?

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Looking for a special dinner in the south bay for our anniversary and heard Parcel 104 would be a good choice. I've done some searching online but haven't found any recent reviews or full menus.

Anyone been here and want to share their opinion? Things to try or avoid?

Thank you.

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  1. I've only had lunch, but it has always been very nice. It's the higher end of south bay dining.

    1. haven't been in a year or so but did really like it then, very seasonal. Southe Bay? Had a great meal at Cafe Marcella in Los Gatos two weeks ago. New chef, thay are better than ever. Porterouse on a bed of oxtail mashed was awesome!

      1. I had a disappointing lunch there. Dirty silverware, absent minded service, and food that lacked inventiveness and spark. They were trying to upsell some house-made specialty lemonade drinks that were ok, but not super exciting. The setting is pretty drab, in a windowless room in some marriott hotel conference center wing. I would not call it romantic or special occasion-ish. There are many places in the area I would try before going back to parcel 104.

        1. I've heard about the place a lot but never been there. But I heard the crab cake is a must have.

          1. I would like to add that Parcel is not only seasonal, but offers a changing menu, almost daily, in accordance with what they get in from their farmers.

            An observation, I have heard a few stories about Parcel 104, some good, some bad, but overall, it's been a hit and miss type of place. It is extremely difficult to maintain consistent quality when so much of the menu changes so often, and when some items may only stay on a menu for 3-4 days.

            1. I had the six course tasting menu ($75) there recently and thought that it was merely mediocre. The flavors on the plate didn't meld as seamlessly as I had hoped. For example, the heart of palm salad didn't go well with the fried clams. The same can be said for the meat courses. Finally, the tapioca pudding, although competent, was a cop out. That dessert did nothing to showcase the skill of the pastry chef. If I were to go back, I'd probably skip the tasting menu and order ala carte. But I'm not likely to go back.


              1. Parcel 104 is good if you're staying at the hotel and reasonable for business lunches. I see that other people's mediocre experiences match my own. The soulless hotel restaurant decor isn't a good match for a special occasion. I'd rather to to places like Manresa in Los Gatos, Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park, or Village Pub in Woodside for a special dinner.


                1. DH relies on it for business lunches, but it's a little cold for special dinner out. What's your budget, and how "special" would you like it to be?

                  For a romantic and elegant evening, I'd suggest Chez TJ in Mountain View or Manresa.