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Sep 23, 2006 03:14 AM

Experiencing your favorite for the first time again

While DH and I were having dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant we overheard a conversation between the Sushi Chef/owner and a customer. The customer was explaining that he recently took an employee to lunch who had never had sushi before let alone Japanese food. Although the employee's culinary experiences were pretty limited, he really enjoyed the sushi and the entrees that were ordered for him. The sushi chef's response was quite remarkable and heartfelt, he said "wouldn't it be wonderful to experience Japanese food for the first time all over again?". It was a truly nice thought to contemplate while eating our dinner. I know that Japanese food isn't everyone's bag but the same could be said for which ever cuisine changed your world when you first tried it. I apologize if it seems I have no real point or question to ask, I just thought I'd share the nice conversation I overheard. Thanks

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  1. Tracy, Do you ever read the food magazines or watch the food shows when they feature Italy? They almost always lunch on a simple, rustic white bean dish with olive oil and bread. I always thought: "How good could that be? I can make that anytime." When I finally got to Italy recently, it was the first thing I ordered at lunch. (Cost: $2.50 a plate.) My first bite was equal to the Sushi experience you described. It was literally fantastic. From there, Italy only got better and better. I think those experience are stil out there, even for die-hard Chowhounds.