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Sep 23, 2006 02:41 AM

Heading for Columbus

Saturday night at The Hyde Park Grille on Old Henderson, or The Worthington Inn -- any opinions?

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  1. If the Hyde Park is part of the Cleveland restaurant chain, it will be good. The Worthington Inn is one of our favorites. Clubby and great food and service.

    1. I love both. Hyde Park if you really want steak, Worthington Inn if you want more options on the menu. Both are great. Worthington Inn has a nice bar if you want drinks before or after. for menu.

      1. Coldwind, where did you end up going? I never recommend the Hyde Park Grille, we had bad experiences at both the one in Dublin and the one on Henderson Rd. Food was good, but service/atmosphere/table seating was horrible. We were insulted by the manager on Henderson Rd. when we complained about being placed at a table fo 2 in a vestibule. He admitted to saving his better placed tables for large groups. When we pointed out to him that Cameron Mitchell restaurants treat their patrons much better, he commented that his is not a Mitchell restaurant. He is right, you get good food and much better treatment at a Mitchell restaurant.

        1. hmm, i wouldn't rec my worst enemy go to any cameron mitchell resturant.

          otoh, the WORTHINGTON INN is a lovely, unique local we would all agree on. i'd go there over the steakhouse chain, even tho it is a local ohio chain.

          1. Though it is a chain, I suggest Smith and Wollennsky at Easton. I am not a chain patron and I as a rule don't go out for steaks as I feel I can usually make my own better at home. Both of those being said, it is nice to go out for steak to a place where you know you will have a piece of meat that's at least as good if not better than what you can do at home and S&W has done well by me. My hubby and I went there through a flukey series of events a few months ago. Since I'm not a chain diner, I have never had an interest in S&W but that's wheere we wound up that day. There meat is dry aged (except for the filet) and is fabulous. The wine list is fab as well and not as insultingly high as at some chain places.