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Sep 23, 2006 01:18 AM

Best Seafood Restaurant in Toronto

Does anyone have recs for a good seafood restaurant in Toronto please?

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  1. My personal fave for oysters, fish chowder and lobster too is Rodneys on King W.

    But then again, the Spicy Shrimp and the Onion Ginger Lobster are fantastic at Wah Too on Centre St South of Dundas.

    Greek style for calamari (grilled and fried), octopus or whole fish you cannot beat Pantheon on the Danforth.

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    1. re: bestandworst

      I like Rodneys too. Only place I've ever had a live scallop.

    2. Try XamYu on Spadina.

      1. My favourite seafood restaurants are Starfish on Adelaide or Joso on Davenport.

        1. For 'Western style', definitely Starfish. Fish alone, Chiado. For Chinese, I love O'Mei on Hwy7 in Richmond Hill. Their house speciality Wok Fried Lobster is second to none! No one else in Toronto can come up with a tastier lobster dish! Finally, for Japanese, Sushi Kaji.

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            I consider myself a seafood addict so that is what I mostly looking for. Had some very good seafood in Montreal a few days ago at Brunoise (not a seafood house per se, but very credible). Then I come back to Toronto and even though I like Starfish we had the best dinner again at Zee Grill. That is my recommendation. Last night I had sea scallops with duck prosciutto, salsify puree and champagne saffron cream, incredible! Starter was a lobster roll. It looked like a spring roll when I saw it first but the skin was made of asian pear and was served chilled with trout caviar. Pretty impressive. Cheers.

          2. Finally had a chance to eat at Zee Grill tonight. Totally agree with you, Fatboy44! Food was fantastic! The three of us shared 4 appertizers and three entrees. Standout appertizers, beautifully plated and ultra-delicious, include the grilled calamari, the clam and corn chowders and the crab cake. Entrees of roasted baby pumpkin with seafoog stuffing and the Atlantic halibut with shaved white asparagus and porcini broth were both superb! Now, I don't have to drive all the way downtown to Starfish to have great seafood and oysters!