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Sep 23, 2006 01:11 AM

i want to have a culinary EXPERIENCE.

any recommendations for an exceptional dinner. i couldn't get a table at Daniel and was also worried it was a little stuffy. price is not a concern if the food is worth it. it's a special occasion.

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  1. Alain Ducasse would be my suggestion but I heard that it went downhill after last December because of a change of staffing or something - do other hounds know?

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      This via"Page Six has more on the Ducasse move: "Ducasse will relocate his 6-year-old, three-star Michelin-rated eatery from the Essex House to the St. Regis Hotel in early 2007. "It's a larger room and a more upscale location," said an insider." This is intriguing and curious, especially considering the St. Regis is a union house. Speculation or fact? You decide. [Page Six]"

    2. Definitely Eleven Madison Park. Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is sensational, service is first rate, and the space is gorgeous. The perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.

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        i dont think that 11 madison park can compare to the tier of restaurants this city has to offer when price is no option.... ducasse is a good bet, solid food and a very professinal if not distant wait staff. Also check out Bouley..... actually has been much better in the last few months.
        And if you really want to blow it out for an experience... do the tasting at L'Atilier Joel R.

        1. re: feedmegood

          Agreed. After going to Ducasse, I wanted to give it a name other than "restaurant" because it was so much better and different than any other place in the city including Per Se and Jean George. Everyone and everything was top notch.