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Sep 23, 2006 01:05 AM

Do you change dinnerware seasonally?

The thread on best dinnerware got me to thinking about the amount of "tabletop" I own. As I said in the previous thread I am a junkie. The day after Thanksgiving all of my Spode Christmas Tree comes out and replaces the Worcester Evesham in my every day cupboard. Sometimes I retire the Evesham early and go to Wedgwood Hunting Scenes for fall with the pretty brown rim and the naif hunting scene of the fox chase seems so autumnal. After 12th night the Christmas Tree goes back into it's own cupboard and my Lake Placid Club Syracuse restaurant wear comes out for the remainder of the winter. I still love Minton's Haddon Hall for spring but have not obtained much of it and then there is Wedgwood Bianca (I know it is discontinued but that has never detered me) both have perfect colors for spring and Lenox Rutledge has always reminded me of Easter, spring is just not one I have gone for .....yet. I do have some other neutral seasonless china too. I do the same with bath decor too, towels and shower curtains change seasonally. Anyone else?

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  1. Hi Candy,

    Where do you store all of this stuff? I started out, many years ago, loving china, crystal, linens, silver, etc., but now I just find them burdensome. Using dinner plates that would cost $150 to replace if broken takes all the joy out of using them. I've packd up all of my good stuff for my daughter to use, should she want to.

    1. Cindy, I have tall built in cabinets in my kitchen and cupboards in my bedrooms a big laundry room with lots of shelves. It is a 4 bedroom house with just two people so I find places. Even if it was smaller I think I would still have all of it and keep on getting more. I can't stop. If I had to store it under a bed. I guess I am a tabletop-aholic!

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        We love china, stoneware, pottery, whatever. We have 9 sets of dishes, three sets of dessets, and many other sets ( luncheon plates and cups from the 40's, etc ). We love all of them. I change them when I am tired of something. Spode Christmas dishes come out Thanksgiving weekend until January 1. We have dishes stored in shelves in the basement. I can't imagine having only one set. My mood sets the table.

        My "good Minton dishes" are discontinued. But I use them. Why have something and not use it? If it breaks,we have parties for 8 instead of 10.

        And then there is the crystal and silver we have. This may be an addiction.

      2. Oh yes, the silver and stemware, I think it is an addiction. Am slowly getting into my 3rd. silver set, Wallace Lion. I have stemware in boxes in my laundry. I've got stuff stashed all over.

        1. I don't do so as systematically as you do, but I have a lovely springish pattern called Alice, by Gien - snow drops and pansies, and an autumn leaf pattern from Haviland that I inherited from my grandmother (she and her mother-in-law collected the same pattern, so I have service for 24) that I use around Thanksgiving. Around Christmas, I might dig out some red Clarice Cliff transferware pieces that I assembled via Ebay. The standard is that V&B Manoir pattern - cream with a pretty edge - also works well with Alice, and then I have a set for twelve of a Bernardaud pattern that has a gold and cobalt rim - and rarely gets used. The other "mini sets" I have are a Pergola tea set (also Bernardaud) - pretty rose and mint shades with tulips, camellias etc. (different pieces have different flowers - the cafe au lait cup even has a lovely pheasant), and what I think of as a dessert set - salad sized plates with demitasse cups - it's a vaguely oriental design by Christian Tortu - twigs/leaves, water. I use these two year round, as needed. I can't believe I find room - we have a one bedroom Manhattan apartment - but a large Tibetan chest I bought about five years ago manages to store most of it. My latest problem is that I've been collecting early 19th century Spode for display and I'm quickly running out of room.

          BTW Candy, what do find is the best source for discontinued patterns (which sadly, most of mine are)?

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            I envy you your Clarice Cliff! I've had best luck on E-Bay. Replacements Ltd. has an incredible inventory but does you no favors on prices. If you are ever in NC in the Highpoint area, they are near there. Go to their store it is amazing. Never pass a consignment/2nd. hand store by either. Especially in southern Fl. Amazing what turns up in them and the prices. I saw Waterford Colleen stems for something like $12@ a few tears ago.

            I also have a pretty complete set of Doulton Sarabande and service for 6 in Wedgwoods Peter Rabbit which is being discontinued...I'd better brinng it to 8 quickly. They are for nights when you really need comfort food and to suck your thumb.

            When I first married and was working in the business I bought a full service of Doulton's Tangier. Foolishly, after a kitchen remodel I sent it all off to my niece. I am slowly buying it back on E-Bay.

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              The Clarice Cliff isn't that exciting really - I only have enough for the two of us - but it makes dinners a little more special when the apartment is decorated for Christmas. What I really love is the Tiffany Christmas pattern - I have a mug someone gave me - and also an Hermes Christmassy pattern with berries. My DH keeps asking if where "his" corner of the apartment is! Oh - and you are certainly right about the Replacement prices - I'd have to be desparate. Forgot about a Shelley Lily of the Valley breakfast set for one that I bought at auction when I aspired to develop my own antiques business ... maybe I should just start using and enjoying it.

          2. If you have it use it, there is no point in owning something wonderful and not trotting it out.I have never understood tha concept that somethign is too good to use. I do have a set of bright pottery that I have not used in awhile, I would mainly trot it out for Mexican dinners. I either need to make more Mexican or send it to a nephew and his wife.