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Sep 23, 2006 12:21 AM

"Good" hamburger in Scottsdale/Phoenix?

I had perused the postings and was interested in going to Delux but, sorry, to me hamburgers are like fast food, and I don't feel I should have to spend more than five or six bucks.

Are there some places that have good hamburgers - not necessarily the best in town - were I can pick up the tab for a few people and not feel ripped off?

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  1. You can try Chuckbox in Tempe near ASU or Hamburger Works at 15th Avenue and Thomas. Chuckbox is better than Hamburger Works. Otherwise, you will end up at chains or places that have prices comparable to Delux.

    That being said, I will put in a good word for Delux and hope you will reconsider. It has the best burgers in Phoenix metro, IMO. I know some people flinch at the price, but the hamburger meat is prime, the toppings excellent, and the best sauce for french fries.

    Like you, I don't like being ripped off, but I have never felt ripped off at Delux, and I am just a work-a-day guy who always looks for dining bargains.

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      I'll second Seth and say that I have not felt ripped off at Delux. The burgers are quite good, as is the rest of the menu, especially the sweet potato fries and dipping sauce. The portions are generous, too.

    2. Delux is totally worth it. There's all kinds of burger joints in town and I find myself always going to Delux, it's just plain the best. The seasonal beer flight they have right now is absolutely killer, too.

      If you get there between 4 and 7 Monday through Saturday, the bar at Roaring Fork in Scottsdale has the Big-Ass Burger, a colossal 12 oz burger with all the trimmings including grilled onion, great bacon, roasted green chiles, and fries on the side for $8.50. A better burger deal cannot be found, and the burger is right up there with Delux. Wash it down with a huckleberry margarita. If you're there and it isn't happy hour, the burger is $10, still a great deal.

      Heart Attack Grill in south Tempe is pretty good, but I really wish they would go back to using the griddle instead of that charbroiler machine, make the fries fresh to order, and for goodness sakes put the fried egg back on the burger! At least now they have draft sodas.

      1. Some decent burgers to try in Scottsdale that won't break the bank are:
        ZIPPS Burgers (all locations)....all their specialty burgers are $5.50 on Saturday and Sunday. reg. $7.95 (dbl. patty)

        The Village Tavern (Shops @ Gainey Village) of the juciest burgers in Scottsdale...made to order....great sides

        Maloney's 'Tavern Sliders'(Shea and 101) 5 larger than mini burgers on potato buns with a tasty side of au jus for dipping.

        Five & Diner (Pavillions)....sometimes you can find a coupon buy one get a
        second for a $1

        For a truly decadent burger...try the Grill at the TPC!

        1. Roaring Fork's "Big-ass Burger" is hands down one of the best burgers I've had in the Phoenix-area. I highly recommend it.

          And, go back to Delux. "The Delux Burger", is an incredible burger. And no, you're not getting ripped off. At all. The highest-quality organic beef, infused with may-tag cheese, etc., all melds perfectly in your mouth. And, it doesn't make you feel disgusting (and weighed down in grease) after you ingest it. I think people need to elevate what they ultimately consider to be "fast food". Just because you can get it at 5 'n Diner or (gasp) McDonald's for less, doesn't mean, at all, that you're even getting close the same product. It's apples and oranges.

          Chuckbox, on University Dr near ASU in Tempe, is great. I'll second that.

          The newer Corbin's Bar & Grill, on Central Ave, just south of Dunlap in the Sunnyslope area is fairly decent too.

          1. Lenny's on Central just south of Thomas makes an incredible burger and fries. Very inexpensive. I mean it's less than $5 for a big, fresh burger and fries. Small place with limited seating. Atmosphere is like an old school burger shop/malt shop. I think there are a few Lenny's around town, but Lenny himself still owns and works at this one.