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Sep 23, 2006 12:11 AM

The Best Hot Dog I've EVER had... you'll be surprised!

*Grilled* to perfection, bun cooked golden on the griddle, and all the condiments you can handle... jalepenos, relish, (another kind of pepper), onions, etc etc.
What I really liked about the hot dog itself was 1) It wasn't so skinny that there wasn't much substance... you know those hot dogs where you definitly need at the very least two to fill up? Or how about those super skinny ones hiding in buns and all you taste is bread and condiments? 2) It wasn't so fat that all you got was a mouthful of meat that overpowered the bun and condiments. The dog size here is just right.

Hands down the best hot dog I've ever had in my life... even better than the ones I've had in NYC and Chicago.
I think it really was in the way it was made...
The man making the hot dog puts so much CARE into everything he does. He took pride especially in his side of french fries. As he served them to me, he said in a very proud manner (which was so darn cute!), "These are the best french fries... they're not greasy. You know why? Because they're cooked at the right temperature." I love a cook who has so much pride! You know what though... he was right. They looked so extremely non-greasy that they looked weird to me because I'm so used to super greasy fries! The fries he made were DELICIOUS.

All this at the Penmar Golf Course Coffe Shop. I ended up here because my husband (who lived in Chicago for about 6 years) called me and proclaimed that this was THE BEST hot dog anywhere and that I had to go and try it myself. He doesn't do that very often...
Of all places... WOW!

I've been to Skooby's, Pinks, Ketchy's II, and lots of other places I can't remember right now... this place takes the cake!

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  1. Where in tarnations is Penmar Golf Course?

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    1. re: HBfoodie

      1233 Rose Avenue in Venice.

      It is a good beginning golf course.

      1. re: liu

        It seems the most ghetto of the golf courses but yet they have the best coffee shop food of all the courses I've been to!

    2. Great discovery in an unlikely place! That's a real Chowhound at work. Good job, banquisha.

      1. I think there may even be a discount if you are a member of one of the clubs (men's/women's) or if you're a senior citizen or something.

        1. That sounds good, but what happens if this particular cook isn't there? Or is he always on hand?

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          1. re: monkuboy

            Same two men work the place. They're both very very good. They both do their dog and fries the same way. The "main" guy's name is Gus and he was the guy who loves his fries :)
            Sorry I can't remember the other guy's name...

          2. Thanks for the tip. I've always wondered what the name of that golf course was.

            How much did the hot dog cost? Can you go to the Coffee Shop just to eat or do you have to play golf too?

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            1. re: Norm Man

              Dog and fries $3.75 w/o tax
              You can just go to the coffe shop.