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Sep 23, 2006 12:03 AM

Echo Park/Silver Lake pizza spots

I've been wanting pizza all week long!! I'm going out tonight on a little datey-date and I thought I'd hit up the chowhounds for some advice on where to grab a good pie on the east side.

I've had the Chicago-style pizza at Masa before and I thought it was great, but I'm looking for something a little less heavy. Oh yeah, and desserts, too :)

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  1. I have no idea about desserts there, but Pizza Buona on Sunset in Echo Park is pretty good NY-style pizza.

    I'm not sure I would go on a first date there, though. It's pretty much a cheap pizza parlor inside.

    1. Nicky D's Pizza in Silver Lake is kinda cozy, they have ice cream for dessert--don't know about anything else. It's woodfired pizza and quite delicious. You could always go to Blair's across the street for dessert afterwards. Nicky D's is on Rowena.

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        Actually it's not ice cream but gelato. And they have a nice patio. I'm fan of both Nicky D's & Larchmont Pizza, with the edge to Nicky's. However with Larchmont you can walk around afterwards (if it's light enough and ahopS are still open), and check out dessert elsewhere.

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          Thanks for the tip! We went to Nicky D's and tried the garlic clam (red sauce) pizza. The thin style pizza is a nice change of pace (and it's easy to not feel as bad when you eat half the pizza as compared to, say, a Chicago-style pizza!). We split a cannoli for dessert. Yummy.

        2. In case you're still wondering, I prefer to drive a little further out of the hood to Larchmont Village and get a pie from Village Pizzeria. IMHO, absolutely the best pizza in town. The owner's a transplant from Brooklyn and makes some seriously good pies.

          1. If you like thin crispy pizza I would recommend Michelangelo Pizzeria on Silver Lake Blvd. - 1637 to be exact. I believe that they only serve individual size pizzas but they may have large as well.

            Every time that I've gotten the pizza there I have liked it; I usually get delivery and they are quite good so I can imagine how good they are right out of the oven.

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              They actually do make a great very thin and crispy crust.

            2. Il Cappricio Pizza is suppose to open this month (an off-shoot of the restaurant on Vermont Ave) -- anyone hear anything?

              Another option is Louisa's in Los Feliz -- I know it's a chain, but it's Silverlake Jake, you can't be picky with your delivery options (there's not that many of 'em in these parts). Last night we ordered the vegie pizza which we really enjoy (it's on the thick side) and got the chopped salad which is really good.

              P.S. We also order from michelangelo's a lot -- they have two sizes, we usually split the larger size and get a salad. Another thing we do is split the smaller pizza and also a pasta -- they deliver and are very nice. Love the bean soup as well!

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                I drive by the Il Cappricio pizza storefront almost every day and have yet to see any work being done. Must be delayed for some reason. I adore the main Il Cappricio on Vermont but have never tried the pizza. Is it good stuff?

                1. re: fexley

                  They don't have pizza on the menu at Il Cappricio on Vermont. The pizza off-shoot is a new direction they've been wanting to take for a while.

                  The Il Cappricio website has a little teaser on the concept and plan for the Il Cappricio Pizzeria:


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                    il capriccio wood fire pizzeria will open January 10 2007