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Sep 22, 2006 11:40 PM

Il Covo Review

I attended a complimentary party at Il Covo yesterday evening, and I must say I was utterly disappointed. If the goal was to 'wow' people into recommending their restaurant, they failed miserably. Wine was poor quality. There were several passed appetizers, but most were various bruschetta. One item was a slice of cucumber with a scallop, a dollop of pesto, and POPCORN! A very odd combination of items to begin with, but popcorn??!?!? I don't know if these things are on their regular menu, but I certainly wouldn't want to come back to sample anything else. The scallop did not taste fresh at all. There are so many delicious places in Bucktown...this one is not one of them!

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  1. We were there too that night! We ate dinner there on Saturday night, and weren't thrilled. It was fine, but not good. My husband had proscuitto and figs, and honestly - there couldn't have been more than 1.5 figs on his plate! And the place was 2/3 empty, yet they seated us upstairs in the "lounge" with the TV and the "festive" bar crowd. Please.