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palm springs food? [moved from CA board]

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any recs on places to eat in palm springs? can be anything. just has to be real good. thanks.

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  1. Search for Palm Springs and then sort by date. You will see that the same question has been posed several times in recent months.


    My opinion - try out Zin in downtown P.S.

    1. Best Bistro food in Palm Springs is Zin. Casual atmosphere, great service and wine list but the real star is the food there.
      If you want something good but a little more upscale and expensive go to Johanne's.

      1. I agree with psfoodgirl, Zin is top value and Johannes top culinary experience.

        Hey psfoodgirl, wanna go to Johannes or Zin ? :)

        1. I’ll have to let you know next time I am in town –---