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Sep 22, 2006 10:53 PM

LV-avoid "The SteakHouse" in Circus Circus

In one of the LV free papers it has been rated for 18 years as the best steak place. AVOID. This is a low mediocre place for steaks and in a very run down hotel. The NY Strip was tough, tasteless-about waht you expect at Denny's-but not Denny's prices. One guest's comment: the pretzel roll bread was OK.
If you had an excellent steak here in 2006 please post it so they get a fair hearing.

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  1. We visit the STEAKHOUSE at CC 2-3 times a year and for LV it's one of the Best Steaks anywhere! They age their own meat (DRY AGED).
    The Seafood Sensation is a good start with the Sautee'd Mushrooms.
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your NY but Steaks are all different(all cattle is not the same) and I know they would have replaced it if you had asked them. We have never had a bad Steak there ever!.
    We will be there at the end of OCT.
    The Hotel was remodeled a couple of years ago.

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      We've gone and the meals were awesome.

      This last August we enjoyed chicken, pork, and steak. Mouthwateringly delicious; cooked exactly how I would were I doing the meat myself. The service was stupendous.

      It sounds like you were suprised by the sticker-shock pricing. You get, literally, what you're paying for there; aged dry-aged beef that's delicious.