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Sep 22, 2006 10:29 PM

Medieval Times

Never been, probably never will, but gotta ask.
Anyone been?
Any good?
How much?

And how much of the medieval european food is based on ingredients indigenous to the Americas?

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  1. Anyone been? Yep
    Any good? Nope
    How much? Too much

    Your last question made made me chuckle, not because I'm mocking your question, but because if you are looking for authenticity, this is the last place you'd go.

    My tale:
    I went back in the mid 90's while on a business trip to Dallas. I don't remember the menu perfectly, but I think I recall getting a bowl of soup that you drink, a 1/4 roasted chicken and steak fries that you eat with your hand. (no utensils..get it?? har har). There was also some sort of dessert..maybe a brownie or something else you could eat with your hands.

    The show itself wasn't bad. I'm just not into SCA, so I wasn't that into it.

    You're not missing much.

    1. > Never been, probably never will, but gotta ask.


      > Anyone been?

      Yes; three times and plan to go more as we travel about the US.

      > Any good?

      It can be but don't expect haute cuisine. The chicken and rashers are solid enough, the lentel soup I liked but the daughter-units hated, and our knight picked my youngest as his Lady. What's not to like? The show is scripted but still enjoyable.

      > How much?

      It's an amusement park price, or a show price, where you also get dinner included. If the price is the only driving point you're concerned about, don't go. If you like stuntmen showing off their skills and the like, it's worth every penny. Personally, I've enjoyed the heck out of each show. On our last visit, our City harolded our knight the loudest with several cadence-driven cheers. It was a blast.

      1. Anyone been? Yup, once on a class trip in 7th grade and once for my birthday in 8th grade. Both times went to the Meadowlands location in Jersey.

        Any good? The first time we went I loved it. We were served a veg. soup, a whole cornish hen, 3 ribs, half a potatoe and then a slice of tart for dessert. As I remember the food was good (at that age I had already developed a "chowish" personality) and I felt like I was at a real medieval banquet. The second time they served less (but the same) food so I didn't enjoy it as much. I really enjoyed the show and cheering for my knight.

        How much?
        I don't know, I didn't pay either time. But I think when you go for a birthday party the host child gets in free?

        Would I go again? I don't think that I will go back for my own amusement. But, I think it is something that I would bring nieces or nephews to.

        Side question: Are there any other dining/show like this elsewhere in the country?

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        1. re: viperlush

          IN Boston there is Medieval Manor which is of the same venue.

          1. re: viperlush

            I remember going to a wild west themed one in Tennessee, i think it was near Dollywood. A MT and an arabian nights one somewhere else. It seems like if you've been to one you've been to them all. Same sort of food and people fighting/doing tricks on horses.

          2. We've been to the one in NJ. The kids had a blast. My parents, who don't ever go out and don't speak English, had a great time. It's about having fun. I think it's about $45.ish a head. Food was basically as described above. Would I go again? Maybe with a bunch of friends.

            By the way, there are similar shows in Florida...Orlando, where else! Themes are different..pirates, arabian nights, cowboys and the food varies. It's not gourmet but it's a fun night.

            1. Many years ago my DW and I took our kids and our friends with their two kid to MT on New Year's Eve. The Kids were probably 10 & 14. We had a blast. They give you some crappy food, some crappy drinks, you screamed like a fool with your kids for a couple of hours and then go home.

              What could be better.

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              1. re: jfood

                "They give you some crappy food, some crappy drinks, you screamed like a fool with your kids for a couple of hours and then go home."

                You've just described every meal I've ever had at Cheesecake Factory.

                There's an MT near Baltimore that I've been meaning to try with the kids, just for kicks. Sounds like a louder alternative to pizzas and beer at the duckpin lanes.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I think they're running a limited time only kind of thing right now where kids are 1/2 price or some such thing. Check the Maryland Gazette, they usually advertise in that paper.