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Sep 22, 2006 10:05 PM

Tom Yun Goong soup - Tribeca

Have a craving for Tom Yun Goong soup. Looking for a Thai place that might deliver - tribeca, financial district, battery park area. Any thoughts on Thai Basil or Lemongrass Grill on William Street, or Mange Avec Moi on West Broadway?

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  1. Manhattan is not the place for Thai.
    Thai immigration is located in Queens.
    The best Thai resteraunt in all of NY has to be Sripraphai at 65th st Woodside in Queens. A 7 train goes straight there. Get off and walk 5 blocks and you'll see it.
    They have the best tom yum goong I have ever had. $7 for a giant bowl to feed a whole family and they use real Thai peppers instead of bell peppers or other stupid alternatives that other Thai places use to cater for westerners..

    Since you asked..
    According to review: I have been eating here since my freshman year at NYU, and everytime I go the food is amazing. The service is excellent and delivery takes about 15 minutes which is unheard of in new york!

    and for Thai Basil: (<though different location but probably the same stuff)