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Sep 22, 2006 09:46 PM

Dinner with a picky elderly woman in Baltimore?

I am looking for Baltimore dinner spots where I can take my elderly grandmother. She loves to eat out, but she is picky about food and service. The menu must include very straightforward meat-and-potatoes stuff, although it need not be limited to this, as I am adventurous. The service must be excellent, as she is impatient. And the place needs to be quiet, as she is near-deaf. Moreover, we need easy parking, as she's not particulary mobile. In short: she's a challenge.

The reigning favorite is Linwood's, in Owings Mills. And her all-time favorite is the Prime Rib, in downtown Baltimore, but this is too pricey to be in the regular rotation.


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    1. re: profjmm

      Maybe for lunch but only for lunch. If the Prime Rib is too pricey, OG definitely will be. $30+ for an entree? Sheesh.

    2. Have you thought about the Peppermill in Lutherville? I see quite a few elderly folks dining there so it must meet their needs.

      1. Peppermill was where my Mother took my Grandmother every week before she passed away. They tolerated everything. Grandmom was at Pickersgill.

        1. I am not a huge Brass Elephant fan, but it definitely meets those criteria. (Do they have valet parking?)

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          1. I say peppermill and the creamy shrimp on bread dish is amazing.