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Sep 22, 2006 09:44 PM

How is the food at The 3rd Stop?

Has anyone been to The 3rd Stop?

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  1. Mediocre at best. Contrary to the posts I've read on Chowhound, it is nothing like Father's Office. The burger wasn't that good, the fries were tasteless. My friend got the seared tuna, just OK. And the mousse for desert was more like whipped jello pudding and not real mousse. They do have a good selection of beers and plenty of TV's to watch games on.

    1. I haven't been in several months, but I do remember enjoying what I had there. Small plates that are generally good. I think I got the Caesar salad and crispy polenta when I was there last, both of which were good (especially the polenta!). A friend got the burger and another the pizza, both of which they enjoyed. It's a good place if a small group of people want to eat out, but can't come to a decision.

      There was one dessert - a chocolate pizza, perhaps? - that was so good we ended up ordering seconds of it.

      The beer list is also awesome - and at $5 a glass, a good deal given the wide variety they have. Try the sage beer - I'm a big fan.

      1. the pizzas are the way to go - i think they're quite good for bar food. nice thin crust and interesting toppings. we like the fried calamari, too.