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Sep 22, 2006 09:42 PM

Urth Caffe--Culver City on Washington

I was zipping down Washington not far west of Overland, and noticed "Urth Caffe" on a small storefront, it looked like it wasn't open yet. Anyone know anything about this? It's next to an ice cream place (yikes can't remember the name) that also looked unopen yet.

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  1. Not sure if you're inquiring about that specific urth caffe or the Urth Caffes in general. - says nothing about a Culver City branch coming up.

    If asking about Urth Caffe in general, it's known to be of the better places to get coffee in LA (and also known for being organic/environmentally-minded.)

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      Yeah, I didn't see it on their website either. Thought this culver city one has to be part of the chain, I'm sure Urth Caffe trademarked their name. Unless the culver city one isn't going to serve coffee. I'm quite excited about this, sure hope this will be a new location for Urth, since I don't hang in the areas where their other locations are.

    2. This was their old commissary, which has since moved to a much larger location. Many of urth's items are prepared off-premise.