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Suggestions for 3 best restaurants in Seattle please.

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  1. 1. Harvest Vine
    2. Le Gourmand
    3. Rover's

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    1. re: Leper

      Thank you

    2. Mother Hubbard, what is your price range? What cuisines?

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      1. re: barleywino

        Food more important than price.

      2. Mistral
        Sitka & Spruce
        the belgian frites place

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        1. re: babette feasts

          Babette, The Belgian Frites place is kick ass. For a close second, get the "skinny fries" at Joey's. (Their roast chicken with frites & cole slaw is really not bad for a restaurant that just doesn't care.)

        2. Tough one since there are so many outstanding high end restaurants in Seattle. I guess my favorites are:

          Le Gourmand
          Cafe Juanita

          1. Mistral

            If I had 2 more spots, I'd say Harvest Vine(smarmy waiter) and Sitka/Spruce (desserts nothing special)...I haven't tried Rovers or Le Gourmand yet.

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            1. re: karen2006

              Thanks, don't do dessert.

            2. union
              harvest vine
              tilth (new, but hugely promising)

              1. union
                harvest vine
                tilth (new, but hugely promising)

                1. Matt's in the Market
                  La Carta de Oaxaca
                  Palace Kitchen

                  There's so many more places I'd love to mention (elemental@gasworks, Dinette, Union, etc) but these three have never ever disappointed me with any dish, ever (and I visit all three at least once a month).

                  1. Mistral
                    Cafe Juanita
                    Harvest Vine

                    Sorry, I couldn't stick to just three.

                    1. Lark, Union, Dinette

                      1. Personally i like Chez Shea (tasting menu and ala carte) much better than Le Gourmand or Rovers, both of which are less inventive (ymmv). Herbfarm (if no restrictions on money and time) and Mistral (both of these only do tasting menus). Cafe Juanita for Italian. Nishino (Matsuhisa alum) or Kisaku (more casual) for Japanese.

                        1. Sorry, I can't restrict to three either . . .
                          Mistral (for our $$, way better than Rover's)
                          Eva (neighborhood bistro, we hit it at least once/month)
                          Kisaku (neighborhood sushi, also at least once/month)

                          So many good restaurants, you really can't go wrong with anything on these lists! Have fun

                          1. Wow, that's so impossibly subjective. I really think you need to go for a best-of-category survey! I.e., best restaurant to take your great-uncle to, best restaurant for pure umami experience, best no-holds-barred ultra-spendy dining extravaganza, most innovative, best fresh pasta, best tasting menu, etc.

                            I have a current top two that satisfies Terrier's never-disappoints criteria (but that's only because I haven't been to Tilth yet!):

                            Szechuan Chef

                            It's been so long since I could afford Mistral that I can't include it in good conscience, but my hazy recollection is it definitely rates.

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                            1. re: ssusu

                              Ah yes, Szechuan Chef. That place always does right by me, along with Pho Bac II and Malay Satay Hut. Don't know how these slipped my mind.

                            2. Union
                              Boat Street

                              1. Harvest Vine

                                Ignore any Tom Douglas recos, just not even close to being there.