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Sep 22, 2006 09:29 PM

Ice Cream Parlour?

Any old school style ice cream parlours? A place where I can go and sit down and order a huge sundae?

Anything like Serendipity in NYC or the famous Jaxson's in Ft. Lauderdale?

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  1. No! No! No! Don't even think about it.

    Although not exactly what you are looking for, Hollywood Gelato probably comes closest to what you want (assuming gelato is OK). They don't do the kind of sundaes you envision. It's great in its own right, but it ain't no Serendipity III. Mind you, it's also much cheaper.

    Greg's and Ed's have the product, but not the place.

    Some would suggest a Demetre's outlet or the Cafe Frappe on Danforth. In my opinion, the products at these places aren't worth their calories.

    I'd love to be proven wrong about this.

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      Thats to bad... I guess you would apreciate that type of place too... I havent found anything close.

      What about Madelines on Bathurst near Dupont... I heard that might fit the bill

      1. re: jkm

        In all honesty, I wanted soooo badly to like Madelines.. like I tried really hard. But when I went, I had the worst experience. I had the peach pie I believe with some ice cream on top. The slice was tiiiiny, and the ice cream was soo mediocre. The lady working was really really useless. I'm sorry, but bad service really makes me mad. She cut the slice, put ice cream on it, and let it sit for a good 10 minutes while she tried to refill and fix the whip cream maker. She would walk up and down stairs trying to find a piece for the nozzle but she would be moving SO SLOWLY. Meanwhile, my ice cream was melting, and my americano was just sitting on the espresso machine getting cold. I was REALLY REALLY annoyed.. and believe me, the pie was mediocre, and the ice cream was just kawartha dairy, and you can buy it anywhere. Its a cute shop to look at, but the quality in product is just not there.

    2. Demetres has more than decent quality ice-cream - chock full of ingredients and come on people, does it always have to be an exquisite blend of cocoa beans from the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean? Does the cream have to be from a free range cow, or is it sheep's milk for ice-cream now?

      I was at demetres for a treat just a couple of days ago (eglinton if it matters) and had a basic 3 scoop sundae. It was awesome! I suggest you get the ice-cream with ingredients and forget about analyzing the vanilla first to see how it rates for your palette. And, having learned from the past - here is the trick, for me...I ordered the syrup topping on the side - 3 scoops gets ya 3 toppings. I ordered choco, caramel and oreo pcs. On the side so you can control the sweetness, but more importantly, I have them nuke the sauces because they dont offer hot toppings. I can also add that the oreo cookies were not old or damp...they were very fresh and crispy. I loved it to the bottom of the bowl (lots of topping left over).

      Is it old fashioned soda shop/parlour? I would say no, but it is still comfortable and dessert specific.

      Maybe its more candy than cream, but I like candy too! Cold Candy.

      Don't get me wrong...I love Greg's Sweet Cream too.

      Dutch Dreams has decent ice-cream, but no place to sit...

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      1. re: bestandworst

        I agree about Demetres ice cream. MY absolute favourite flavour is the peanut butter, and I also really love the mint choc chip, its very fresh and minty with just the right amount of chocolate (not overpowering).

      2. demetres is good. it has a great atmosphere. trendy and artsy. i go to the one on the danforth.

        or you can try Licks. it's very old fashioned