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Sep 22, 2006 09:13 PM

Spinelli at Il Gato Nero

My daughter insisted that I'd like the food at Il Gato Nero, so I went along. What a fun place! I had the Spinelli, with sausage and peppers, I think (it was a couple of weeks ago). This is a rolled sandwich-like dish that began its life more or less, as a pizza.
Now imagine trying to roll a pizza from most of the places that you know--the crust would be too thick hard, or tough. But the spinelli crust was light as air and delicious...AND it didn't break when it was rolled! Delicious! It was one of the most unique foods, all made possible by the incredible crust.

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      Spelled "Il Gatto Nero"

      Yes, the spinelli are HUGE and wonderful! Cute patio. I totally forgot about this place, since I dont live in the area.

      IT's located across the street from the Dominion, 720 College St, between Dufferin and Bathurst.

    2. Il Gatto Nero is at 720 College St., right by the Mod Club. It's also a bit of a musicians' hangout.

      1. hmmm interesting, Ive NEVER heard of it before. What else is good there? Do sandwiches come a la carte? Are there any side dishes? Hows the calzone (Ive been looking for a really good calzone)

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        1. I almost ordered the calzone when I went. I saw a couple of orders go past our table--it was HUGE, hanging over the side of the plate. I'm sure they had been brushed with egg, as they had a beautiful colour. Check out the website: there are 2 types of fillings. I'm sure you could also construct your own, because when I was there, I asked for some hot peppers to be added to my Spinelli (there are 5 kinds of spinelli).

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          1. re: Yongeman

            mm sounds good, a must try, especially considering the super low prices!!