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Sep 22, 2006 09:04 PM

Late Night Dessert?

Hello Fellow Hounds!

It's a great friends birthday and I was looking at options for late night desserts! Nothing too fancy, just a place for great desserts and good times with friends.

Many Thanks in advance ;)

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  1. Marche at Front and Yonge used to stay open late and serve fantastic crepes and ice-cream...not sure if still movenprick brand, and not sure if still open late since name change-over. Great coffee.

    Le Creperie across from City TV serves above average treats...not sure how late. Great coffee

    Insomnia (Bloor/Bathurst) serves great food n desserts and as the name indicates they are open LATE. Great coffee

    Demetres for standard fare, nothing special is open late - few locations.

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      Personally when it comes to crepes and ice cream, I think Demetres is better than Marche. Neither is gormet desserts, just huge portions, but I do like Demetre's ice cream.

      1. re: bestandworst

        Le Creperie - went there and i will never go back. service was horrendous and i was one of 4 customers there. the table odered 4 different plates. all of them disgusting. the icecream was melted, fruit unripened, and their liberal use of nutella on everything was gross.
        never again.