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what else can i make with pot roast cut?

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I bought a 2-pack of beef labeled "pot roast" at Costco. Made pot roast with one, but would like to make something else with the other. I have no idea what cut of meat this is so I don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I cut up the meat and use it as I would stew beef (often the same cut of meat).

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      I agree with stew...maybe even a curry? EPI has a great one called Fragrant Beef Curry if you would like a suggestion.

    2. I'm guessing it is chuck roast. Lots of uses for it. Stew, as mentioned above, chili, shredded beef tacos/burritos, smoked (pulled beef), list goes on...

      1. Yep, cut it up and the options are endless...beef rendang, rogan josh(I tend to use beef although it's really a lamb dish), stifado, goulash, etc.

        1. You can try making Boliche, a Cuban style pot roast, stuffed with chorizo, onions and garlic. Do a quick google for some very good recipes.

          1. Thanks for the great suggestions! Now it's just a matter of choosing which dish to make...

            1. "Pot roast" barely scratches the surface of the world of braised meat, which is my favorite place to be. Boeuf Bourguignon would be a nice place to start.

              1. Cooking Light this month features an Asian pot roast with noodles that looks fantastic. I may try it out soon but if you're interested I can post the recipe.

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                  Would love to see the recipe! Please post!


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                    Cooking Lights Chinese-Style Stove-Top Pot Roast with Noodles

                    4 tsp. peanut oil, divided
                    1 (2 1/2 lb.) sirloin tip roast, trimmed
                    1 tsp. Chinese five-spice powder
                    1/4 tsp. kosher salt
                    5 c. fat free beef broth
                    1/2 c. dry sherry
                    1/4 c. thinly sliced peeled ginger
                    3 tlb. low sodium soy sauce
                    1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper
                    4 garlic cloves, crushed
                    3 star anise
                    2 cups shitake mushrooms, sliced
                    2 cup julienne cut carrots
                    4 baby bok choy, halved lengthwise
                    12 oz. fresh uncooked Chinese egg noodles
                    1/4 cup scallions

                    1. Heat 2 tsp. oil in large Dutch oven. Sprinkle roast with 5 spice powder and salt. Add meat to pan; cook 5 minutes browning on all sides. Add broth and next 6 ingredients (through star anise); simmer 3 1/2 hrs. or until meat is tender. Remove meat and keep warm.

                    2. Strain cooking liquid through sieve into bowl and discard solids. Heat remaining 2 tsp. oil; add mushrooms and carrots, saute 5 minutes. Add bok choy and reserved cooking liquid. Cover and cook 5 minutes or until bok choy is tender.

                    3. Cook noodles according to directions, omitting salt and fat. Drain. Divide noodles into bowls. Shred meat and add meat and veggies and broth to bowls. Garnish with green onion.

                2. No one has mentioned chili. It is excellent for that.

                  1. Don't forget pot roast's close cousin, Ropa Vieja. Any shredded beef that isn't spiced too strangely makes a great hash as well.