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Sep 22, 2006 08:38 PM


IIRC from previous posts, Speed's is by the tool place in Newmarket and he is there Tuesday - Friday? Hours are 11a-2p? I've never been and since I have Tuesday off, I feel the need to try one of those famous dogs! Is my info up-to-date?

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  1. Yup, tues-fri, they say they're now open until 4. I've always gone for lunch, I don't know if they actually have dogs to sell at 11, maybe someone else is more of an early bird and can comment? It's cash only, $6 for a (huge) dog, well worth it in my opinion.

    Be aware that they are weather-sensitive, so if it's raining out or very hot they might not be there. It's good to have a backup plan (mine is usually Flour Bakery or Orinoco in the S. End).

    1. Great! Thanks for the info. The weather is looking perfect, too!

      1. Did you make it, J-grrl? I just got back from my second visit.

        Even better than the first time. ;-)

        Larry (Speed's deputy) said he'll be there through Thanksgiving. Also, in the other hot dog thread, someone contended he used Shofar. It is in fact Pearl Kountry Klub brand dogs--I saw the box.

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          I was there today and Larry said Wednesday through Friday, but he might not be there this Friday because of the weather.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            NOOO! I didn't make it. I got hung up in Braintree running errands and by the time I finished it was too late. I was so disappointed. I'm trying to convince my boss that we need a team building event and a lunch outing to Speed's would be the perfect thing. sigh. Well, at least I have until Thanksgiving.