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Sep 22, 2006 07:43 PM

"Hot New Restaurants" in SF - do they still exist?

A recent article in the Chronicle and ensuing conversations with colleagues has called out this apparent phenomenon. It seems the "new & hot" openings of old are slowing down around here.

If you had a friend in the restaurant business coming in from out-of-town who wanted to know the best new restaurants in SF these days, what would you tell him/her?

Now, I know that "newest" hardly ever equates to "best", but I'm speaking of those buzz-generating places that food tourists and travel writers flock to.

Ame & Frisson are already past that point timing-wise. What, in your opinions are the Ame's, Michael Mina's, and Frisson's of today?

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  1. Nopa? Coi? I wouldn't say Ame is past that point timing-wise quite yet.

      1. Coi
        Farmer Brown
        Front Porch
        Woodhouse Fish Co.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I love FB & FP, however, they might be a bit too "downscale" for this gentleman. NOPA's reservation system is one I wouldn't wish on an out-of-town traveler. By that same token, Canteen is probably out, too.

          Coi was a good call--esp. since the Daniel Patterson article in the NYT made so many waves in food circles.

          Thank you!

        2. I LOVE Poleng Tea Lounge... very chill place and the food is very yummy...

          1. I heard something about Scott Howard making some changes in hopes of capturing some buzz...

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            1. re: Chris Rising

              According to Amanda Berne, he changed it to be more conservative, though. I only ate there back when he was doing the bold, Winterland-esque menu, and I actually liked it quite a bit. Dunno what it's like these days, but that carrot broth is still on the menu. It's quite tasty, possibly something every SFer should try at least once.

              1. re: dunstable

                I would actually credit the two opening sous chefs with many of the 'winterland-esque' dishes. Both of them have moved on, one to Campton Place, don't know about the other.