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Sep 22, 2006 07:28 PM

Best chirashi in LA?

Where can I get a really good chirashi at a really good price?

I've had it at Irori and also at that sushi place on Lincoln not far from the airport. I've also had it at a few other random places. Always good, but nothing spectacular.

As much as I enjoy sushi rolls, I'm a bigger fan of the chirashi/sashimi type dished.

Any suggestions?

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  1. sushi gen? that's my dad's favorite chirashi, anyway.

    1. I recently had a great chirashi at Jinpachi in West Hollywood -- artfully assembled and included less-typical offerings like uni and squid. Worth every last penny at around $20.

      Also, I enjoyed a workmanlike chirashi at the Sushi Kushi Imai (Wilshire / San Vicente). That one was definitely cheaper.

      Lastly, I vaguely remember a very solid chirashi at Kiriko on Sawtelle, but that should not surprise.

      Looking forward to hearing other ideas.

      1. I feel funny pushing this place so much lately, but call sushi go 55 and see if they still serve chirashi.

        1. Yes, Sushi Go 55 still serves an amazing and chirashi -- just had it a couple of weeks ago. It includes the usual cuts of fish, plus mackerel, squid, and octopus. Uni available for an extra charge.

          Also, Izayoi has a beautiful chirashi on their lunch memo.

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          1. re: Hailyn

            Love the chirashi at Sushi GO 55 - their lunch box is only $15 and is huge!

            Dinner is slightly more expensive at $18.95. With uni and scallop they bump it up to $23.95.


            1. re: RacerX

              I just had chirashi sushi at Sushi Go 55. It is a very large serving, but in terms of flavor and freshness, Sushi Gen is better.

          2. I, too, like Sushi Gen, but I cut my teeth on chirashi sushi at Brother's when they were on Corbin in Northridge.