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Katina's in PS -- Gone for good?

Katina's has been "closed for renovations" for a few weeks now. There doesn't seem to be any work going on in there though. Does anyone know if they are gone for good? Too bad, if so. It was a reliable standby for breakfast (with exceptional fresh squeezed orange juice.)

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  1. One can only hope...

    I used to eat breakfast there a lot, but it was mostly due to lack of any better nearby options in that price range than because I actually found any of the food really good there. And the non-breakfast food was a true horror, which is why hardly anyone was ever in there after noon.

    It would be nice if someone could open a decent diner type restaurant in the Slope, but then I'm probably just dreaming unrealistic dreams again.

    1. I have to agree with Woodside Al. I had a couple of meals there that were memorable for their truly horrible food. The service, too, was comically bad. I wish a diner--a real one--would take its place. A girl can only dream.

      1. I hope so! Katina gave diners a bad name. Although, I will reluctantly admit, they did make good milk shakes. I would love to see that place turned into a real diner with real coffee and with a limited menu that they can really specialize with. The 4 page menu is too much.

        1. rest in peace but please rest. awful food. i'd love to see another good diner in the south slope.

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            Don't get me wrong. I love a good diner. a real diner. Katina's not. Dizzy's is not, tho I do love thier corned beef hash. But we need a down home diner here in the south slope; one that can serve up serious omelets, perhaps even a frittata, true hash browns and a decent poached egg with great toast (perhaps from Lopez bakery? Make it really local?) I hope for not a reno but a revamp.

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              My favorite diner right now is the Windsor Cafe on Prospect Park West. Okay, it's also the closest. But I wouldn't keep going back if they didn't make good dinery breakfasts etc. I've even forgiven them for not having any booths (and lord knows I love a good diner booth).

          2. I heard from a very reliable source that Gus, the owner, plans to renovate, but took a several week vacation back to Greece first. He owns Purity Diner on 7th Ave, so he does know how to run a decent joint. I hope that he does renovate and turn it into a real diner, not a skanky eyesore like it was for so long....

            1. what's decent about the purity?

              1. I really wonder who sold them on the "Wireless Internet" being a hook for Katina's. That was truly bizarre.

                As far as the food, I concur with the group. Even though Katina's was two blocks away from us, we would walk the additional 10 to 2nd street Cafe to get our brunch on. I remember it being better in the 90s, but maybe my palate's just gotten better with age.

                1. It's making progress...I saw new, cool light fixtures in there yesterday.

                  1. We walked by this past weekend and Ken stopped to try to peer into the windows. From a truck parked at that corner, some guy yelled out "Next month! Next month!" Seems they are planning to reopen then. At least the guy parked there said so.

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                      They probably should put some kind of sign in the window...saying "Next month! Next month!"

                    2. walked by tonite- door was open, men working, all the old booths gone, fresh coat of hideous orange paint on the walls and trim, looks like their going to resurrect one of the worst diners around- only at 4 a.m. and completely shnockered would i dare go in there- and then, it would be for me my own creation and sandwich of sin- a veggie burger with bacon and cheese! actually, come to think of it, katina's veggie burger was probably the best item on the menu- i.e. made somewhere else, precooked and heated up to perfection! i don't care how cheap that breakfast is at katina's, i'll take dizzy's any day- not an authentic diner but cool waiters, great breakfasts (miles wrecked anyone?), great corned beef hash, a good big old diner burger (real meat), nice tuna sandwich, etc., slays katinas. anything but the orange room... enjoy fb

                      1. Katinas was pretty bad. I remeber the roaches running laps around there floors. Anyone checkout the fifth avenue restaurant yet? They have such a huge selection. I love there burgers though. simple :-)

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                          I miss the old Purity diner that was on 7th ave between Union and president. Best diner food ever and ms moffet the waitress who was there for forever...lol Katinas is a hole.

                        2. OK, it's open again. ANyone been?