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Sep 22, 2006 07:13 PM

Looking for Unibroue 2004 Edition

I just had this again at the Brickskeller the other night and remembered how much i love it. They were charging $20 a bottle but it was definitely worth it. Does anyone know where i might be able to pick up a case or so? I live in San Diego but mail order would work too. The 2004 edition is fantastic.

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  1. I am pretty certain I've seen it at Holiday Wine Cellars in Escondido.

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    1. re: Josh

      Josh- thank you for te suggestion, i just went up there and picked up 6 bottles. I also got Russian River Temptation, Weihenstephaner Kristalweiss, rogur morimota Soba Ale, and a few others. what a fantastic place. I cant reccomend this place highly enough

      1. re: MVNYC

        Glad to hear it worked out for you. I only wish they weren't so far away! (Though maybe that's a good thing, really. I can spend a lot of money there.)

        1. re: Josh

          I had to force myself to leave. I could have dropped more money there than i wanted. I didnt even venture into their sake selection

    2. Give Sam Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel a call. He's probably still got it. It's a bit of a drive but his beer list is well worth it.

      Or if you like, I can check at Bottleworks in Seattle and I'd be happy to trade a for some Pizza Port products. They had it as of about a month ago. I can be reached at ksbwork at hot mail.

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